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Do you want to know, which is the best app lock for android phone? You can use a pattern, a pin, a password or thanks to recent technological advancements, your fingerprint to safely lock your phone Download AppLock APK for Android. Downoload smart and Perfect applock for Windows phone. Applock for Windows allows user to lock facebook, Messenger, twitter, Instagram, skype, Uc Browser, Viber, Wechat, What’s App.

  • Which means that you can use the fingerprint sensor directly on apps like PayPal, LastPass, etc. to make them more secure without using any third party apps.
  • For real, it isn’t the worst but not very good either.
  • In June, the Centre had banned 59 mobile applications, including TikTok, UC Browser and WeChat, citing the same concerns.
  • Fortunately, there are ways to keep certain applications readily available while others are locked down.
  • To do that, simply circle those areas on the screen with your finger.
  • This tiny sized app never takes noticeable memory of your storage or battery.

You will now be asked to allow permissions for the AppDefense 2.0 shortcut to access iCloud Drive, other shortcuts, photos app, and your notifications. Once you visit the website, tap on the get shortcut button, and you will be redirected to the shortcuts app on your iPhone. From here, tap on the x icon next to the shortcut name and then enter the name of the app you selected earlier and then tap on done. To rename the shortcut, tap on the three dots option on the shortcut on the homepage, and then again on the shortcuts page.

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So if you want to uninstall apps you can’t find on the Home screen, please refer to below 3 tips to get hidden apps off iPhone 12/11/Xs/Xs/X/8/7/6, iPad. Now, you must decide which one is preferable for you. Once you choose your option, you have to tap on it. And finally, the apps on the iPhone will be unblocked. Now, you have to tap on the choice of ‘Enter Screen Time passcode.’ After tapping on that option, you have to submit the passcode on the next screen. In the next step, you have to select the option of ‘Use Screen time passcode.’ Once you select the option, you have to choose a passcode according to your preference.

The previous three methods don’t passcode lock your apps directly, but they can have the same effect. Using a third-party tool does allow you to lock apps on your iPhone with the password, but it requires iOS jailbreaking. Both this method and the second method require the use of the “Screen Time” feature which was introduced in iOS 12. It lets you not only track how your device is used but also set limits for your apps. Let’s first take a look at how to lock an app through “Screen Time” so that it doesn’t show up on the Home screen.

30+ Privacy & Security Settings In Ios 12 You Should Check Right Now

Your app won’t be blocked immediately, because you still have one minute to access the app without the password. Set the accessing time limit for the app you don’t want to use as “1 min, Every Day”, if you need to lock it right now. Now you will receive a Time Check notification saying “5 minutes remaining for today”. The app will automatically lock the chosen note with the password you set beforehand and your Face ID data. If Google Drive is your preferred cloud storage service, setting up the Face ID lock is as simple as it gets.

Another option is simply to keep the app installed and active, but disconnect the other apps from it. This takes some work, especially if you want to go back and reconnect them again. Applock helps you to add a password to certain apps on your phone – including settings, Gmail, Instagram, dating apps, Facebook, messengers, and even contacts. It can be used to help keep your privacy or it can be used as a parental control tool. Whatever reason you have for using it, it can be extremely helpful.

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