How To Use – Amazing Features Of Transformers Rescue Bots Application For Phones That Will Blow Your Mind | 2021.

In “Quarry vs. Quarry,” Professor Baranova is held hostage by Colonel Quint Quarry so that Ezra Greene could make him some Dinobots. After Colonel Quint Quarry is defeated, Professor Baranova learns the truth about Optimus Prime and the Rescue Bots. Doc Green later proposes to her in the season three finale, and she accepts. In season four, he and Anna have married and have a daughter together. Quickshadow (voiced by Alex Kingston in a British accent) is a female Rescue Bot and transforms into a car.

  • The Velgrox abducted a good deal of the island’s population until the Rescue Bots intervened.
  • As a result a team of robots based in Cybertron decided to respond to that request and come to Earth.
  • Catboy, Gekko, and Owlette are on a nighttime adventure in this game app.
  • The Bots start their new mission, protecting the high-tech island of Griffin Rock, while learning from and working with a family of humans.
  • This is a new 4.5-inch Optimus Prime action figure which transforms from a robot to an all-terrain monster truck in just one easy step.

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Sky Forest Rescue

When the Burns Family catches onto his plan, Dr. Morocco uses the weather machine to summon a fiery cyclone. Heatwave in his new fireboat form managed to deactivate the weather machine. Dr. Morocco managed to get away after making off with some Cybertronian technology and has no plans to improve his MorBots. He was seen making a deal with Madeline Pynch to sell the technologies to her.

During Season 2’s T-Cog story arc, he gains a second form of a white rescue helicopter. Released in the first wave of 2016 Rescan figures, Boulder is functionally a smaller version of his original toy, only now based more on the show model. He transforms from bulldozer to robot and back with a single step, triggered by his arms. The recruits joined Boulder on a mission to a remote island to rescue some penguins who were endangered by an oncoming electrical storm. He was able to save the majority of the penguins, but the storm resulted in him being separated from the recruits, who had to rescue the remaining penguins themselves. He later left them to deal with the creatures once they got out of hand.

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Together with these newcomers, the Rescue Bots have expanded their operations to the mainland, establishing a new Rescue Bot Training Center there, though they continue to maintain their secrecy. Following the closure of The Hub, Rescue Bots continued to air on its replacement network, Discovery Family. The series is the only Transformers cartoon to have a full-length fourth season, and at 104 episodes total, is the Transformers Rescue Bots longest-running Transformers cartoon ever, eclipsing the Generation 1 cartoon by six episodes. Absolute ordering places all episodes in a single ordered season. Colonel Quint Quarry is a big-game hunter who owned his own private island called Quarry Safariland where he held illegal safaris for hunting wildlife.

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